New song (08/17/20)

  • Freedom's Land commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the 08/18/20 ratification of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote in the US. The song is meant to represent not only the rights of women but the rights of all – which is a big topic these days, and it can be used as a patriotic song going forward.

Music Updates: (June, 2019)

  • I will be releasing audio and sheet music for some of my piano solos. Most of these are short pieces that have never been made public before. Most are intermediate level songs or easier with opportunity for nice expression. A teaser preview song is here: Barcarolle in Ab Major.

  • I've written a number of new hymns or hymn settings that I will be releasing. Here is one: Abide with Me!.

  • I will be creating sheet music for some of my songs with translations to other languages besides English. I'm starting with Spanish and Tagalog, but I'm open to hearing other requests.

  • I will be making sheet-music videos for some of my "Early Years" songs that I wrote. Please don't judge them too harshly as their purpose was largely for learning and for fun. Here is a teaser: The Merry-Go-Round.

  • I've written a new children's song (that can also apply to others). It is here: Time with Dad.

Audio Updates: (December, 2018)

  • An EP (mini-album) of some of my Christmas music is now available in many digital stores.

  • The new album of recordings for 15 of my piano solos is very close to being released.

  • Discounted rehearsal tracks may now be purchased on some of the choral song pages. These are excellent and are very helpful.

Any purchases to support these projects is greatly appreciated!

Video Updates:

  • Videos of my new piano solo recordings are being added, as time permits.

  • Some "early years" songs are being added, as time permits - please give me some slack on these.

  • Some videos are unlisted on YouTube so they are only accessible (as a preview) from my website.

  • I am remaking some of my earlier sheet-music videos so that the animation/cursor is smoother. Please help me get the views and likes of these videos past the levels of their predecessors. :)

Website Updates (November, 2018):

  • New architecture - completely rebuilt and redesigned

  • Cleaner and more-conventional look and feel

  • Better support for mobile devices (including phones and tablets)

  • Better download support for some browsers

  • Better direct navigation options

  • Integrated sheet/table for Choral/Vocal, Ensemble, and Piano summary pages for more-up-to-date information, also showing recent updates in green

  • Included lyrics in most cases

  • Options for global or specific music discounts/specials

  • HTTPS (SSL) support throughout the site - the prior site was secure for any purchases but showed "Not secure" for other pages