The Glorious Truth     

Original anthem with music and text by Fen Frehner for SATB and piano

Text by Fen Frehner


This song had been on a back-burner and it has been through a number of musical and textual iterations over the years before getting to this point.  The message is that truth is out there for us in various forms, but it can take effort to find it.

Please contact me if you are interested in performing this song.


Verse 1Whether forest or desert,there is beauty staring at me.I can see it.If I try I can see it.Countless gifts of creationare a witness clear and free.If we see it,great rewards there will be.
Verse 2In the sound of good musicthere is purpose ringing to me.I can hear it.If I try I can hear it.It reminds me of heavenin its perfect harmony.If we hear it,great rewards there will be.
ChorusSo look around at the beauty foundand believe it.And listen well to the ringing belland receive it.And feel the love from the gifts aboveand you'll know the glorious truth;and you'll see it;and you'll hear it;and you'll feel it.
Verse 3In the eyes of a babythere is love pure as can be.I can feel it.If I try I can feel it.In the structure of heaventhere are friends and family.If we feel it,Great rewards there will be.
Text: Copyright © 2005, 2006, 2016, 2018 by Fen Frehner
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