Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet

New musical setting by Fen Frehner for SATB

Adapted from a text by Eliza R. Snow


This is new music adapted from a text by Eliza R. Snow.  The song utilizes the first two stanzas as Verse 1, the next two stanzas as Verse 2, and the important last stanza as the chorus.  There is quite a bit of “word painting” in the music, meaning that some text is represented musically or symbolically.  See how many instances you can identify. 

The 6.875"x10.5" choral booklet sheet music may be purchased above by selecting the desired quantity, clicking the "Add to Cart" button, and following the checkout process.  A low-resolution version of the sheet music may be downloaded below.


1.How great the wisdom and the loveThat filled the courts on highAnd sent the Savior from aboveTo suffer, bleed, and die!
His precious blood he freely spilt;His life he freely gave,A sinless sacrifice for guilt,A dying world to save.
ChorusHow great, how glorious, how completeRedemption's grand design,Where justice, love, and mercy meetIn harmony divine!
2.By strict obedience Jesus wonThe prize with glory rife:"Thy will, O God, not mine be done,"Adorned his mortal life.
He marked the path and led the way,And ev'ry point definesTo light and life and endless dayWhere God's full presence shines.
Text: Eliza R. Snow, 1804-1887
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