Midnight Alley Cat Stroll

Original piece by Fen Frehner for piano, two C instruments, and optional drums

From a collection of "Tunes that Swing" 


I was quite a bit younger when I wrote this piece late one night.  It fell into place remarkably quickly, especially being one of the first pieces in which I attempted to overlay tracks to make a complete recording.  With a different computer, different software, and different sound generation technology, I needed to re-mix everything to get a decent current recording.  It is playable with video player above.  It may deserve re-recording the parts (with a better keyboard than I had at the time), and I may do that eventually and put it as a single on digital music stores, but the amateur recording kind of adds to the human feel of it, so I guess it is okay for now.  In the meantime, the existing MP3 can be purchased above assuming you're okay with waiting for me to e-mail it to you.

A low-resolution version of the sheet music may be downloaded below.  An ensemble book containing this piece is not yet available.  The two solo parts work for a variety of C instruments including Flute/Flute, Flute/Oboe, Flute/Clarinet, and other combinations such as strings.  Individual parts are also available.

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