He Alone 

Original anthem with music and lyrics by Fen Frehner for SATB and piano

Depicts the last major scenes related to Jesus Christ’s mortal mission


This song depicts the last major scenes relating to Jesus Christ’s mortal mission.  The lyrics are narrative, including events and descriptions from the scriptures.  The intention is not for people to dwell on the sad and traumatic parts of these events.  Rather, it is to invoke a realization, empathy, and appreciation of what was done for us.  Each of the scenes ends with a positive message, with the end of the song being the most dramatic good news.

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If you would like to purchase the audio recording (vocals by Matthew Curtis, piano by Fen Frehner) or accompaniment used in the sheet-music video, please contact me. Excellent rehearsal tracks are available above.

"He Alone" Lyrics

1Jesus walked with his disciples to a grove of olive trees.Then he went a little further -- now alone upon his knees.Bowing there to represent us, all our sins and pains he bore;Racked with sorrow, grief, and anguish, he would bleed from ev'ry pore. In the garden, in the garden --Suff'ring, trembling, bleeding, prone,He alone, all alone,For our sins did atone. 2He was taken, bound, arrested through the plans of wicked men,Held accused on wrongful charges, falsely tried, and then condemned.He was mocked and stripped and scourged -- mind and body felt the sting,Clothed in purple for a people who would crucify their king. At the trial, at the trial --Him, his people would disown.Hateful scorns, crown of thorns --He endured it, he alone. 3He was laden with a cross that would claim his final breath,Led away to Golgotha, made to walk the path to death.He was nailed to the cross, mocked, reviled, and defamed.Humbly, willingly submitting, “It is finished!” he proclaimed. On the cross, on the cross --Pierced, forsaken, on his own,He alone, all alone,On the cross did atone. 4He was carried to a tomb -- cleansed, anointed, dressed;Then this Merciful Messiah had his body laid to rest.He had come to earth to save us, knowing hunger, pain, and strife;As our perfect loving Savior, he would bring eternal life. At the tomb, at the tomb --Angels rolled away the stone."He is risen!" Alleluia!He redeemed us, he alone.
Copyright © 2012 by Fen Frehner
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