The Lord is My Shepherd     

Original choral anthem by Fen Frehner for SATB choir plus piano (optional organ, harp)

Lyrics by Fen Frehner based on Psalm 23 and other scriptures


There is a lot of background information behind this song, but I’ll just say here that its most important purpose is to you let you feel that you are known and loved.  

There is a considerable amount of musical “word-painting” in the song, sometimes in the vocal parts, and sometimes in the accompaniments.  Word-painting is a technique in which the music reflects the literal meaning of the text.  I won’t give away all of the instances in case you want to try to find them, but an obvious one is what the music does with the word “astray” – it goes astray from the established pattern.

A recording is playable with the video above (Choir: Anaheim East Chorale; Director: Larry Lowder; Piano: Beth Lillywhite; Organ: Darla Fulk).

The choral booklet sheet music that includes accompaniment for piano or harp and optional organ may be purchased here:

A low-resolution version of the sheet music (4 pages - choir parts only and no artwork to save paper and ink) may be downloaded below.  If you download the free choir part and do not purchase the complete score, I can e-mail the piano accompaniment if you contact me and let me know your plans for the song.  Additionally, I have an arrangement available for piano plus harp.


The Lord is my shepherd; He provides all I need.He leads to green pastures; I can lie down or feed.He supplies the pure water that gives life to meIf I follow His pathway righteously.
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,He protects with the rod and He guides with His staff.In the face of dark evil, He calms all my fear;My soul is restored with my Shepherd near. 
When I stumble in weakness or I wander astray;He tenderly calls me, and shows me the way.In His flock without number, He knows me by name;His flock is unnumbered, yet He knows me by name!
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all my days;and I will dwell in His house forever. 
Text: Copyright © 2010 by Fen Frehner
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