A Mavis Twilight

Original song by Fen Frehner for flute+piano or piano solo

A song for my mother


“Mavis” is a nickname for a songbird, and it’s also my mother’s name – which explains the dual-meaning title and the “bird-like” patterns in the song. I designed the song to work for flute-plus-piano and also for piano solo (reading all three staff lines). I consider it an “etude” (study song) either way. Some study objectives are shown at the top-left of the sheet music.

A demo recording is playable with the video player above. Sorry for the computerized instruments. One of these days I'll record a nice version with a friend who is an excellent flute player.

A low-resolution version of the sheet music may be downloaded below. A music book containing this song is not yet available for purchase.

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