Time with Dad   

This is an original children's song by Fen Frehner

Words and music by Fen Frehner 


This song is not only a tribute to my father and all good fathers (living or not), but it is also a message for them about one of the most special gifts that a father can give to his children - spending time with them and being a good example.

If you have an interest in the audio or the sheet music for this song, please contact me.


Verse 1There is someone I knowwho loves me so–I feel it ev'ry day.I'm happy when hecan spend time with mewhether work or play.
ChorusTime with Dad–I treasure my time with Dad.The memories keep on growingof the time we’ve had.
Time with Dad–I enjoy all my time with Dad.No matter what's done,I always have fun,As long as I'm with Dad.
Verse 2He can help me learn mathor make me laugh– I like it either way.He helps me be truein the things I doand the things I say.
Text: Fen Frehner
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