Wealth is in the Heart   

This is a musical setting by Fen Frehner of the poem "Wealth", by Alfred Grant Walton

Text: adapted from a poem, “Wealth”, by Alfred Grant Walton 


The poem, “Wealth”, by Alfred Grant Walton touches on what “wealth” (or happiness) is and is not.  It was one of my earlier attempts at setting a text to music, and the text was written as a poem and not as lyrics, requiring some adaptation, so cut me some slack on the end result.  I would approach it somewhat differently if I did another setting of it.  Nevertheless, the message, though dated, can still be useful, and a tune can help memorialize the text.

I don’t really have plans to promote this song, but if you have an interest in the audio or the sheet music, please contact me.


Wealth is not the things we own–A stately house upon a hill,Paintings, rugs and tapestries, Or servants taught to do one’s will.In luxury, a man may dwell,As lonely as in a prison cell.
Wealth is not a plenteous purse,The bonds that one has stored away,A boastful balance in a bank,Or jewelled baubles that fools display.The things that really gratifyAre things that money cannot buy.
Wealth is health, and a cheerful heart,An ear that hears the robin’s song,A mind content, some treasured friends,And fragrant memories lingering on.Living is an inward art–All lasting wealth is in the heart!
Text: Alfred Grant Walton
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