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G major 20040911

Untitled - composed and performed by Fen Frehner

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This piano piece started with a few musical ideas on 09/11/04, but then it sat forgotten for years until 2011, when I tweaked it quite a bit and completed it.  I simplified it somewhat so that it would be more playable to more people, but tried to retain some of the sophistication so that it would still be fun to hear (and play).

I’d like a better name for this song.  I have some ideas, and family has suggested some titles, but I haven’t chosen one yet and am still open to suggestions.

Available for download below are: two different PDF files of the song – one with common “swing eighth-note” notation and one with classic “swing dotted-eighth-plus-sixteenth-note” notation.  Both are not intended to be taken literally (in different directions).  I am interested in hearing feedback on which notation format is easier to read.

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