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Love at Home


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One day I was looking at the hymn “Love at Home”, and I started thinking how I would treat it musically.  I thought it would be nice to emphasize the key words rhythmically, and to use embellishments for the words “love” and “home”.  With that in mind, I started formulating some melodies and harmonies in my head.

When I do the voice-leading for choral music, I try to give each part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) interesting or fun parts to sing.  Altos, in particular, sometimes get the short end of the stick as far as having interesting parts in many hymns and choral pieces, so I gave them (and the tenors, to a slightly lesser degree) the main “embellishments” in this song.

In typical hymn format, there are not many directives provided, but this song is well-suited for being sung with a lot of dynamics and rubato.  Most phrases ending with melismas (multiple notes for one syllable) can usually be slowed slightly and in some cases, paused very slightly afterwards (examples: the end of the first three lines, the end of both phrases on the 4th line, and the end of each phrase in the chorus).  This type of style lends itself well to barbershop music, so I intend to eventually arrange it for that, too.

Be sure to listen to the 3rd ending, as it is different than the first two endings.

The 8.5"x11" SATB sheet music is available for free download, below, or the 6.875"x10.5" choir sheet music booklet can be purchased through the "Add to Cart" button above to the right.  If more than one copy is desired, change the quantity and click "Update" after clicking on the "Add to Cart' button.  The shipping & handling fee covers all copies.  The purchased sheet music includes an optional accompaniment and also cover-page artwork that is not included in the free PDF file.

The audio recording (vocals by Matthew Curtis) used in the sheet-music video above will be available for purchase soon.  E-mail me if you would like to be notified.  Excellent rehearsal tracks (predominant, left-panned, and muted) are available for purchase at .

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