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Mother's Hands

Mother's Hands ‎‎‎‎‎(by Fen Frehner; vocals by Katherine & Madeleine Davis)‎‎‎‎‎


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A few years before my dad passed away, he was inspired to do a project.  He facilitated getting casts made of the hands of three mothers (my mom, his mother, and my mom’s mother).  He then had bronzed hands made from the molds and mounted them onto nice plaques.  He had a plaque made for each mother and for each mother's children.  This short poem he wrote was engraved on the plaque:

The first to hold,
The first to scold,
Behold your mother’s hands.

The hands that toiled,
The hands that spoiled,
Behold your mother’s hands.

With you they’ve played,
For you they’ve prayed,
Behold your mother’s hands.

Copyright © 1996 by Graeme Frehner

I thought that the concept might make for a good song.  For various reasons, I only ended up using the first line of his poem, along with phrase, “Behold your mother’s hands”, but I think the spirit of the song closely matches what my dad wanted to convey and highlight in his poem –the love that mother’s have for their children that is demonstrated daily through the instrument of their hands.

Please note that there are tricky rhythms in the song.  For instance, the vocal part in measure 4 (1-and-2 “The first to hold”) is a different rhythm than in measure 6 (1-and “The first to clothe”); and there are numerous instances in which words are sung ahead of the beat.
An MP3 recording of the two-part version is available for free download below (4.4 MB).  The artists are two excellent young singers, Katherine (Katie) & Madeleine (Maddy) Davis; with me on piano.

The 8.5"x11" sheet music is available for free download, below, in four different arrangements that work for numerous configurations from vocal solo to four-parts.  The pre-printed sheet music booklet is not yet available.

A MIDI file of the duet version is also available for free download below.  It contains the piano accompaniment plus synthesized voice “oohs” for the singing parts.  The synthesized voice sound is not nearly as nice as real voices, but it provides a small-file demo of how the song is supposed to sound.

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