My music is currently in the following sections:
Much or all of the music will be available for free download to review, try, and utilize, and I will also have printed sheet music available for purchase at prices less than what it would cost to have the music printed at Fed-ex Office ($.13 per page for decent paper) and even competitive with what it would cost you to print on your own printer at home ($.05 to $.13 per page, depending on printer type and paper).

I will also include separate accompaniment sheet music, where appropriate (in cases where it would help the accompanist(s) to minimize page turns).

The sheet music for download will be in PDF format.  Please note: when printing the music from Adobe Acrobat, select "Page Scaling: None" because otherwise Adobe tends to unnecessarily shrink the music.

Some songs will also include MP3 recordings or simple playable MIDI files so that the basic song can be conveyed.  The MIDI files are not recorded instruments but rather a set of digital instructions for computer instruments to play, so the output quality isn't nearly as nice as a recorded performance of real instruments and/or voices.

I am interested in hearing your comments, and I'm interested in hearing about performances or plans for the music.

If there is something that you need that is not yet posted to the website, feel free to send a message to the e-mail address below (removing the extra spaces):

i n f o @ f e n f r e h n e r . c o m

This site contains free sheet music downloads, audio, and discounted pre-printed music for choir, singers, piano, and ensembles.  The site includes secular music as well as religious music that is appropriate for Christian  (including LDS, Mormon, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Evangelical, Presbyterian, and more) faiths.